• Vented Beekeeping Suit w/Easy Access Veil

  • Vented Beekeeping Suit w/Pro Fit Access Veil

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  • Vented Jacket with Easy Access Veil | Guardian Bee Apparel

    Vented Beekeeping Jacket w/Easy Access Veil

  • Vented Beekeeping Jacket w/Pro Fit Access Veil

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    Vented Beekeeping Jacket w/Round Veil

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Our beekeeper suits, jackets and veils are the new standard in beekeeping apparel. Created by beekeepers, for beekeepers, our line of apparel features three different veil designs including our patent pending easy access veil, our pro fit veil, and round style veil. Our highly-sting resistant, ventilated, 3-layer mesh material keeps you cool and confident, while our triple zipper system give you easy access while still offering protection. Upper, lower, and sleeve pockets give you even more access to the tools you need, and all pockets are reinforced to prevent blowouts. Our beekeeper suits are made with hip zippers to help you quickly and easily get dressed, and velcro closures at the bottom offer added protection. Our heavy duty beekeeping suits and jackets come in adult sizes small to XXXXXL.


Easy Access Style Veils

The easy access veil is a large, over sized veil that is a good choice for beekeepers that want to keep a maximum distance from your honey bees. The extra front screen panel will give you approximately 5 inches between your nose and the front screen. The extra panel does make this veil front heavy so it will naturally sit in a downward looking position (the direction you will be looking for hive inspections). 

Pro Fit Style Veils

The pro fit is a standard size fencing veil with our patent pending front access. It is lower profile and naturally sits upright. The pro fit is the choice of most experienced beekeepers.

Round Style Beekeeper Veils

The round veil is ventilated with 3 mesh material that helps protect from stings to the head and also keeps you cool. There is an elastic band that helps to keep the veil from moving around. There are also access zippers to the left and right so that you can stay hydrated and keep your eyes clear!