As beekeepers ourselves, we realized that most beekeeping suits were lacking. That’s when we developed Guardian Bee Apparel – to help beekeepers help bees! We offer three popular veils styles, all featuring our easy front access system. All of our beekeeper protective clothing is made from 3-layer mesh material to keep you cool and protected in the field.

Our apparel is crafted with only the highest quality materials. This includes metal YKK zippers in all the right places to help you dress with ease. Then we added a plethora of pockets in all the right places, and reinforced them to prevent blowouts. Velcro closures at the ankles and a triple zipper system offer much needed accessibility and protection. It isn’t any wonder that beginner and  professional beekeepers around the world choose Guardian Bee Apparel.

  • Vented Beekeeping suit with Easy Access Veil

    Vented Beekeeping Suit W/Easy Access Veil

  • Pro Fit Beekeeping Veil | Guardian Bee Apparel

    Vented Beekeeping Suit W/Pro Fit Access Veil

  • Men wearing the Vented Beekeeping Suit with Round Veil showing the multiple pocket features

    Vented Beekeeping Suit W/Round Veil

  • Woman showing the easy access veil with a open and close zipper system

    Vented Beekeeping Jacket W/Easy Access Veil

  • Woman wearing Vented Jacket with ProFit Access Veil facing to the right

    Vented Beekeeping Jacket W/Pro Fit Access Veil

  • Vented Jacket with Round Veil | Guardian Bee Apparel

    Vented Beekeeping Jacket W/Round Veil

  • close up of Beekeeping Gloves

    Guardian Bee Long Gloves

  • Guardian Bee Apparel hip zippers pants

    Guardian Beekeeping Pants

  • Guardian Pullover | Guardian Bee Apprel

    Guardian Bee Pullover

  • Guardian Bee Short Gloves

    Guardian Bee Short Gloves

  • Woman showing functionality of Easy Access Veil

    Easy Access Replacement Beekeeping Veil

  • Round Beekeeping Veil | Guardian Bee Apparel

    Round Replacement Beekeeping Veil

  • Sideprofile Pro Fit Access Veil

    Pro Fit Replacement Beekeeping Veil

  • J-Hook Hive Tool | Guardian Bee Apparel

    J- Hook Hive Beekeeping Tool

  • Queen Right Dial- Mating Indicator Pod in packaging

    Queen Right Dial – Mating Indicator


Why choose Guardian Bee Apparel?

Better than the average beekeeper outfit

Each of these designs were created to keep you safe and cool while allowing you to work comfortably. Our protective beekeeping apparel line is based on the design of classic bee suits with features like elastic thumb holds and fitted ankles and wrists. Then, we added innovative features to create a line of beekeeping apparel that provides the ultimate in flexibility and comfort.

Our ventilated, 3-layer mesh material keeps you cool and confident while you are working outdoors in summer months. This fabric is highly sting resistant so you can focus on tending your hives instead of worrying about stings. We only use the highest quality metal YKK zippers, and added “z-space” around each zipper for added stability to help prevent overrun and snags. The triple zipper system gives you easy access to shirt pockets, while still offering protection.

Upper, lower, and sleeve pockets give you even more access to the tools you need. All of our pockets are reinforced to prevent blowouts. Our beekeeper suits and pants are made with hip zippers, so you can quickly and easily get dressed. The velcro closures at the wrist and ankle areas offer added protection.

Adult Regular and Plus Size Beekeeping Suits and Apparel

We know that apiarists come in all shapes and sizes. That is why we offer our suits, jackets, pants, and gloves in a full range of sizes. Our heavy duty beekeeping suits and jackets come in adult sizes small to XXXXXL. Whether you’re looking for a full professional beekeeper suit, or separate pieces, we have a wide range of sizes. Be sure to check our sizing chart closely for your best fit. If you have any questions about finding the right fit, please send us an email. We will do our best to get back to you as quickly as possible.

Protect your hands while you work with Guardian Bee Apparel beekeeping gloves. Our gloves feature the same breathable and protective three-layer mesh material, and we added the softest leather for added protection and longevity.

In addition to innovative bee protection apparel, we also carry beekeeping accessories to help you get the job done. Our J-Hook Hive Tool is a versatile, durable hive tool, perfect for accessing and scraping frames while working with your colonies.


Three Veil Styles to choose from

Are you wondering which beekeeping veil style will be best for you? Learn more about the differences in each of our veil styles below.


Our easy access veil is a large, oversized veil with our signature easy access front screen. It is a good choice for beekeepers that want to keep a maximum distance from their honey bees.

The extra front screen panel will give you approximately 5 extra inches between your nose and the front screen. This added panel makes this veil front heavy, so it will naturally sit in a downward looking position. This makes hive inspection easy with no wrestling to get your veil into the correct position.


The pro fit is a standard size fencing veil with front access. It is lower profile and naturally sits upright. The pro fit is the choice of most experienced beekeepers to protect from bee stings in the field.


Like all of our products, the beekeeping jacket and suit with round veil are made with ventilated with triple layer mesh. This fabric helps protect from stings to the head. This veil allows for 360 degrees of visibility and it also keeps you cool.

The elastic band helps keep the veil from moving around. There are also access zippers to the left and right so that you can stay hydrated and keep your eyes clear!