Round Replacement Beekeeping Veil


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The round veil is ideal for the beekeeper who wants to enjoy the view while tending to their hive. The triple-layer mesh material provides adequate ventilation while protecting you from outdoor elements. The bottom elastic band helps keep the veil from moving around. There are also access zippers to the left and right so you can stay hydrated and clear your eyes!

Beekeeping Veil Features

  • Full 360-degree view.
  • Zippered access on both the left and right sides gives you easy access to the face to drink water, taste honey, wipe sweat, and remove rogue honey bees without taking off your veil completely.
  • Highly sting-resistant, ventilated 3-layer mesh material to keep you cool and comfortable.
  • The veil zips securely to the suit and is easily removed for hand washing.

Note: All Guardian Bee Apparel Veils are interchangeable with Guardian Bee Apparel Beekeeping Suits and Jackets.



The round beekeeping veil is the perfect match for the beekeeper who wants to see it all! This classically-styled veil includes all innovative features unique to Guardian Bee Apparel’s design and engineering. The round shape gives the beekeeper a 360-degree view and offers an excellent option for those who may prefer it over the ProFit or Easy Access models.

The round veil gives you a full 360-degree view and is ventilated with 3-layer mesh material to help protect you from stings while keeping you cool. The left and right-hand zippers provide easy access to your face. This veil features an elastic band to help prevent the veil from shifting and zips securely to the suit for protection from curious bees.
Our highly-sting resistant, ventilated, 3-layer mesh material keeps you cool and confident, while our triple zipper system gives you easy access while still offering protection.
The Round Veil is the perfect addition to your bee-keeping equipment.