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Guardian Bee Apparel is made by beekeepers for beekeepers. Our founder knew, when tending to his bees in the South Georgia heat, those bulky unventilated full bee suits with a veil you struggled to remove were not what he needed. Bulky suits and hard-to-access veils have you at risk of heatstroke or worse.

When you’re out tending to your bees, you need something that will protect you from bee stings but won’t make you pass out from heatstroke. You need a veil you can access with ease if you need a sip of water or to shoo a curious bee away. At Guardian Bee Apparel, we designed our ventilated beekeeping suits with this ideal in mind.

All our ventilated bee suits are made of highly-sting resistant, ventilated, 3-layer mesh material that’ll keep you cool in the heat. Our suits come in a range of sizes, tending to run big. If you’re looking for a plus-size beekeeping suit, our suits can range up to 5XL and fit a 7’ man.

Head-duty elastic around the wrists and ankles keep curious bees out, while our triple zipper system lets you get in to access the inside of your shirt. Eight large pockets give you plenty of space to carry around your hive tools or more.

Our vented bee suits come with a range of three different veils for your ease and comfort. All of our veils are designed to allow you to reach your face without taking off your hood.

Easy Access

Our Easy access veil is a front-facing veil that’s perfect for beginners. It provides full access to the face for tasting honey or wiping away stay hairs. The weighted front panel provides extra distance between your face and the bees, while also naturally tilting your line of sight towards where you’d look for an inspection.

Pro-Fit Access

The Pro-Fit Access veil is a fencing veil with our patent-pending front access. It provides a familiar style with the ease and comfort Guardian Bee promises. The Pro-Fit Veil’s zipper allows you to fully access your face to remove a bee or take a swig of water whenever you please without removing your entire hood. This veil is perfect for newcomers to experts looking for a familiar style.

Round Veil

For the fans of the classic look, Guardian Bee’s round veil is exactly what they need. Combing the old with our innovative style. Our round veil provides a 360 degree view of your surrounding and left and right-hand zippers for access to your face. You can wipe away sweat, shoo out a bee, or taste your honey without needing to fully remove your veil.

All our veils are able to be fully removed for replacement or exchanging between our available styles.

The Best Beekeeping Suits

At Guardian Bee, we designed our apparel with the goal of providing better gear for our fellow beekeepers. We want to bring innovation and forward-thinking to beekeeping, and allow you to take care of your bees while also taking care of yourself. Whether you’re new to the hobby or are a long-time apiarist, we’re here to provide high-quality suits and more.

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