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Patent Pending Easy Access Veil
Revolutionary Zee Space
Easy Access Hip Zippers
Plus 5 more enhancements!
  • Vented Beekeeping Suit w/Pro Fit Access Veil

  • Vented Jacket with Easy Access Veil | Guardian Bee Apparel

    Vented Beekeeping Jacket w/Easy Access Veil

  • Round Replacement Beekeeping Veil


As beekeepers ourselves, we know just how frustrating it can be to want the ability to do something in the field and not being able to. That’s why we developed the GUARDIAN BEE APPAREL line of clothing—to help beekeepers help bees!

Easy Access Veil

Our patent pending “easy access veil” makes tasting your honey, drinking a swig of water, or wiping sweat from your brow a breeze! It’s the new standard in beekeeping!

Zee Space

Tired of your mesh getting caught in your zippers? Our ”Zee space” adds space and stability between the zipper and the fabric to help prevent zipper over run!

Triple Zippers

How many times have you wanted to take a picture, but couldn’t? Our triple zipper system gives you quick and easy access to your shirt and pant pockets.

Hip Zippers

We’re beekeepers, too. We know how difficult it is getting a full suit on with boots. But our hip zippers help you quickly and easily get dressed, even with boots on.

Breathable Mesh

Our highly-sting resistant, ventilated, 3-layer mesh material keeps you cool and confident.

Metal YKK Zippers

We use only high quality metal YKK zippers on all of our suits, jackets, and veils.

Plethora of pockets

Upper, lower, and sleeve pockets to give you even more access to the tools you need.

Right hand Zippers

No more fumbling with left-handed zippers. Our jackets use only right-handed zippers.

Read What Beekeepers Are Saying

It’s not just us who are raving about the Guardian Bee Suit.

Read what all the buzz is about!

“The ‘Easy Access Veil’ is the greatest improvement to the bee suit since the introduction of the vented bee suit four decades ago.”

Randy McCaffrey

Youtube: @628Dirtrooster

“Both the suit and the jacket are very well made. Well ventilated and the Easy Access Veil is really convenient for letting out that ‘bee in your bonnet’ or getting a quick drink.”

Michael Bush

Author, The Practical Beekeeper

“Guardian Bee Apparel’s ventilated jacket is ideal! A quality product with innovative improvements that should have been made a long time ago.”

Bobby Colson

B&G Honey Farm