Guardian Bee Testimonials

Read What Beekeepers Are Saying About Guardian Bee Apparel

At Guardian Bee Apparel, our mantra remains steadfast – to create innovative beekeeping apparel that helps beekeepers, help bees!  We don’t just value our customers’ comfort, we also value your feedback. 

We’re excited to hear from our customers to see how our bee apparel has changed their beekeeping experiences for the better, and also appreciate feedback to show us how we can improve our products. We want to know about your experiences. Leave us a review on Facebook, or send us a message and let us know!

“The ‘Easy Access Veil’ is the greatest improvement to the bee suit since the introduction of the vented bee suit four decades ago.”

Randy McCaffrey

Youtube: @628Dirtrooster

“Both the suit and the jacket are very well made. Well ventilated and the Easy Access Veil is really convenient for letting out that ‘bee in your bonnet’ or getting a quick drink.”

Michael Bush

Author, The Practical Beekeeper

“Guardian Bee Apparel’s ventilated jacket is ideal! A quality product with innovative improvements that should have been made a long time ago.”

Bobby Colson

B&G Honey Farm

“Guardian Bee Apparel is my Absolute FAVORITE ventilated bee suit and I would recommend them to everyone everywhere! Wide selection of veils, excellent quality of material and workmanship, zippered veil is simply THE BEST and that feature alone (though there are many others) sets their suits at the top of the chart in my opinion.”

Frederick Dunn

Youtube: @FrederickDunnPhoto

“Honestly, of all the suits I’ve tried, [Guardian Bee Apparel’s Ventilated Beekeeping Suit] is the only one I want to wear. It eclipses all the others in convenience and durability.”

Rusty Burlew

Honey Bee Suite

“The bee suit and the bee jacket – they’re very well made. I like the fact that they feel comfortable. I can feel the breeze going through here. If I’m going to spend a few hours out doing hive inspections or working with my bees, having this suit is very, very handy.”

The Honig Trail Apiary

Youtube: Honig Trail Apiary

Most other jackets haven’t lasted six months with me, let alone a full year; and if something goes wrong with, say, your zippers, good luck. Guardian actually cares and will make it right. Their gear holds up to the abuse I throw at them daily unlike the other companies, and I’ve tried most of them.”

Bec Archer

Southern Bee Company LLC

This jacket is comfortable and very well made, the veil stays up and doesn’t touch my face.  The sizing suggestions were very helpful. It fits perfectly.”

Cheryl Jones

Facebook User

Why Guardian Bee Apparel?

Guardian Bee Apparel’s beekeeping suits, jackets, pants, and accessories are made by beekeepers, for beekeepers. We know what it’s like to be out in the heat tending to your hives, and we especially know how important it is in such an environment to keep hydrated. Our easy access veil is designed with your comfort in mind, while the 3-layers of ventilated mesh material that all our suits, jackets, veils, and gloves are made out of keeps you cool even in the hottest weather.

Our apparel is designed to appeal to all kinds of beekeepers, which is why we provide a range of protective beekeeping apparel for hobbyists and sideliners. We have three veil options from those looking to keep bees as far away from their face as possible to those who just want to get in close as they examine how their colonies are doing. We make bee apparel for every kind of apiary enthusiast.