Queen Right Dial – Mating Indicator



This innovative device simplifies monitoring the progress of your newly raised queens. Perfect for meticulous beekeepers aiming for precision in queen rearing.

  • Status Indicator 2.0 for post-inspection queen tracking
  • Mating Indicator for monitoring the timeline and status of queen rearing
  • Easy to Use 3-Plate System: Single Base Plate, Mating Date Plate, & Mating Indicator Dial
  • Dials Made from PETG for Durability
  • Water & Fade Resistant

How To Use

  1. Affix the two-part dial to the surface of your hive body or lid.
  2. Mark the starting point to track the status of your new queen from egg to fully mated queen laying eggs.

The Story

Jason Crook, the owner of Bohemia Apiary in Warwick, MD, and Brian Koper, the owner of Castle Hives in Warren, OH, shared a common passion for beekeeping that extended beyond their own hives. Managing over 100+ colonies between their apiaries, they faced the daily challenges of keeping track of queen status and managing the intricate timeline of rearing a new queen. Jason and Brian joined forces to create innovative solutions. The result? The QueenRightDial series.

Growth & Mating Cycle Details*

EGG = 1-3 day old fertilized egg
GRAFT = Day 4 grafts (hatched egg)
CELL/LARVA = Day 5-7 Cell and Larva developing
CAPPED = Day 8 Queen Cell Capped
DND PUPA = Day 9-14 Do Not Disturb – Pupa developing
DND EMERGING = Day 15-17 Do Not Disturb – Emerging Virgin Queen
DND MATING FLIGHTS = Day 18-23 Do Not Disturb – Queen Mating Flights
CONFIRM MATED (EGGS) = Day 24-31 – Confirm eggs From Mated Queen

*Note: This timeline is the typical timeline of the gestation period of a queen bee. Some factors may require limited adjustment to the periods, but for the most part, following this timeline will help a beekeeper understand what a new queen will be going through at what point in a queenless colony.

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